Magazines and TV are pushing what the perfect image is. Where not even their models are up to par, having to be airbrushed and photoshopped.

Here, be proud of how you look, and help fight the blasphemy that is being broadcast to all nations.

Whether you feel that life could be worse, or you want to see REAL people, you found the right place.

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July 10- 08 – Dating site launched to weed out the Ugly People.

I am not sure how many of you are aware, but there are of course many websites out there relating to hot people. Well there is now a website that has hit the news and mainstream. It is making headlines like: “Dating service that bans ugliness comes to Canada”, and “Worth looking at?”. I will not give you the link to this site because that would in some way support their cause, which I don’t. But I will link you to news articles I found on the subject:

Even if the dating site itself has no negative intent, media outlets obviously have ideas of what it’s for and promoting them to the public.

Believe what you will is morally right.